Marcos Irsuta - Abstract Artist Painter
Expression of the
Marcos Irusta - Abstract Artist Painter
My Story

Marcos sees the strength in color. He sees himself in color and expresses it in a fashion that reflects his own passion. "The passion reflects my own life," he says "We are always changing, always moving. I think my life is the same, always moving. Even when we stop I still see movement." From a young age he watched his mother paint.  At age 12 he picked up his own brush and would mimic what his mother painted, Eventually his own style developed. As he grew older, the Argentine-born painter continued to study and often with sculptors, which developed in him an appreciation for texture. In 1996, he opened his first studio in Mendoza, Argentina.  He worked with two professors, who both helped Irusta develop as an artist.  That same year, Irusta was selected as an regional scholar in plastic arts.

While in Mendoza, Irusta also developed an interest in creating murals. The national arts foundation of Argentina recognized his mural work in 1996 and 1997. He later spent several months working on collaborative projects in Amsterdam with Dutch painter, Artie Kraaijeveld. Irusta says the collaborative projects represent an expression of what he calls the "universal soul." The 33-year-old painter moved to Miami 12 years ago and has exhibited in alternative venues in Miami, Coral Gables and New York. "It is there amongst this collective unconscious, beneath the blanket of optical illusion that we find the aesthetic strength of the unseen and the ability to transmute within this universe that surrounds us."